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  1. Delicious Vegan Options at Greenspot Salads

    At Greenspot Salads, providing San Diego with healthy and nutritious salads is our number one priority. We now live in a time filled with a wide variety of diets, dietary restrictions, food allergies and the like, and at Greenspot we are committed to having a salad bar that serves a broad cross sect…Read More

  2. Healthy Wedding Food Trends To Consider For Your Big Day

    If you’re in the process of planning your California wedding, you’re probably looking into different catering options for your big day. With the notable surge in food-centric media (cooking shows, foodie Instagram accounts, and celebrity chefs), today’s couples are looking for more when it com…Read More

  3. Our Favorite Oil-Free & Dairy-Free Salad Dressings

    Over the past decade, salads have become a very popular menu item in restaurants all over the world, and for good reason. Salads can be jam-packed with hearty proteins, fibrous vegetables, nuts, seeds, and refreshing fruit for the perfect healthy meal. When prepared by a conscious eater, salads can …Read More

  4. Healthy Salad Toppings for Weight Loss, Part One

    At Greenspot Salad Company, we understand how difficult it can be to stick to a healthy diet. That’s why we’ve created a healthy and casual dining experience where San Diegans can go to enjoy the best natural salads and soups in California. When you’re not near one of our convenient dining loc…Read More

  5. The Best 3 Salads For Summer

    There’s nothing like beautiful San Diego weather, especially in the summer. In between hiking, surfing, and other outdoor adventures, you may be in the mood for a healthy and refreshing salad to keep your energy levels up. At Greenspot Salad, we’re proud to offer California residents and visitor…Read More