1. flatbreads coming soon

    We’re Back!

    Salads, Bowls, Wraps, and now FLATBREADS! These have been tough times and The Greenspot Salad Company has been trying to find our place in the new normal. Our wonderful customers have stuck with us through all of this and we can’t express enough gratitude for your patience and loyalty. We understa…Read More

  2. Visit Greenspot This Summer, Part Two

    In part one of our blog series, we talked about a few reasons why you should consider Greenspot Salad Company as your go-to eatery in San Diego this summer. Whether you’re looking for something that’s convenient and healthy, or you’re needing to keep cool in the sun, Greenspot Salad Company ai…Read More

  3. Visit Greenspot This Summer, Part One

    Greenspot Salad Company aims to provide the people of San Diego with salads, soups, wraps, and more. There’s no need to resort to unhealthy and processed fast foods when you can grab a delicious salad or bowl from Greenspot. We are committed to providing the people of San Diego with food that’s …Read More

  4. Top Things To Do During Your Trip to San Diego

    San Diego’s coastal seat makes it an ideal destination for those seeking sun and adventure. Whether you’re traveling to this beautiful California city for work or play, there are several worthwhile museums, theaters, and outdoor activities to partake in. Before you spend your entire vacation on …Read More

  5. Our Favorite Oil-Free & Dairy-Free Salad Dressings

    Over the past decade, salads have become a very popular menu item in restaurants all over the world, and for good reason. Salads can be jam-packed with hearty proteins, fibrous vegetables, nuts, seeds, and refreshing fruit for the perfect healthy meal. When prepared by a conscious eater, salads can …Read More