Here in San Diego, it seems like everyone really loves to be active, get outdoors, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’ve lived here all your life or have recently moved to SoCal, we’d love to share some ways that you can be more active. At Green Spot Salad Company, we’re proud to offer premium, natural food to support your healthy choices.

If you’re out and about, stop by one of our three locations in Sorrento Valley, 4S Ranch, or Mission Valley to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. Taking a break at home or stuck at work? No problem! Order online for quick and easy pickup! Continue reading to learn our tips for being more active, and enjoy a meal at Greenspot Salad today.

  1. Go dancing – whether you love dancing or feel like you have two left feet, there are many different styles of dancing to try. You can sign up for classes at your local gym, or just crank up the music in your own house and dance until you drop!
  2. Take your dog for a walk – the great thing about having a dog is that you have to take them for daily walks. Not only do they enjoy this activity, but they need it as well. By taking care of your dog’s needs, you’re helping yourself to be more active.
  3. Join a local softball team – joining a softball team is a great way to meet new friends, be active, and have fun. With scheduled practices and games, you’re sure to enjoy regular activity.
  4. Sign up for surfing lessons – living in Southern California means that you’re practically required to try surfing at least once. If you’re not the daring type who’s willing to try it on your own, then sign up for surf lessons to learn the basics in a more controlled environment.
  5. Park farther away – it’s definitely tempting to park as close as possible to your destination, but think about it this way — not only will you get in extra steps, but you’ll be able to keep that golden tan looking ever so fresh. CTA banner
  6. Always take the stairs – unless you have a good reason for taking the elevator, don’t rob your body of the exercise it gets from climbing stairs. Depending on the floor you need to get to, you could burn up to 200 calories!
  7. Walk to your favorite coffee shop – we know, we know, if you need coffee, then you’re probably barely functional. We’d like to change your perspective on mornings by sharing some of the things you can experience as you walk to your local coffee shop. On your way there, you’re sure to enjoy a gorgeous sunrise, the salty ocean breeze, and wonderfully chilly air. What’s not to love?
  8. Walk, don’t drive, to get the mail – unless your mailbox is in front of your house, you probably have to go down the street or around the block to get to your mail. Instead of driving to pick it up, add steps to your day, and walk to the mailbox.
  9. Ride your bike or skateboard to work – life in SoCal is casual, so why not ride or skateboard to work? You won’t have to deal with traffic stress, you’ll get in a workout, and enjoy your commute!
  10. Pick up an active hobby like gardening or woodworking – maybe you already enjoy a lot of different hobbies, but if you don’t, then think about starting an active one like gardening or woodworking. Not only will you be choosing a healthy lifestyle, but you’ll have an end product to enjoy.

At first glance, this list might seem long, but when you think about it, there are so many more things that you can do if you want to get outdoors and be active. San Diego enjoys gorgeous weather almost all year long, which means that on any given day, you should be able to go outside and do whatever you’d like. So take some of our suggestions, add your own ideas, and increase your daily activity!

When you’re ready to take a break and enjoy a healthy meal, be sure to stop by Green Spot Salad Company. We’re here and happy to make a healthy salad, sandwich, or soup to help you keep your active lifestyle on track.