fresh healthy salad to go in san diego

When life gives us lemons, we make Lemon Tarragon Vinaigrette.

The Greenspot Salad Company has been proudly serving fresh and custom-made salads, bowls, and wraps in San Diego, for the last 8 years. Everyday we have fed long lines of customers, breakrooms, boardrooms, and living rooms around the county. The lasting impact of the coronavirus pandemic will prevent us from returning to “business as usual” for quite some time.

In the meantime, we have been hard at work re-inventing and refreshing The Greenspot Salad Company for post-coronavirus life in San Diego! We want to help our customers get the nutritiously satisfying food they’ve been missing. With value and convenience as our top priority, we’ve refreshed our menu and our packaging!

On June 1st we will launch Greenspot Express.

Greenspot Express features a limited selection of the most popular dishes and options from the original Greenspot Salad Company menu. We have also added a collection of deli salads and all-natural snacks to help fulfill your healthy cravings. All menu items are produced fresh daily and packaged for individual sale making for safer and faster take-out and delivery. Bulk purchasing has also gotten easier to facilitate meal planning, catering, and the feeding of our essential workforce.

We loved The Greenspot Salad Company before the pandemic and we promise to eventually bring back as much of it as we can. Until that time comes, we are dedicated to making Greenspot Express your new favorite option for fresh and nutritious food that you can trust.