It’s no secret that kids are picky eaters, and they tend to gravitate towards foods that aren’t always the healthiest. This can be difficult as a parent, especially if you’re doing your best to get your child to eat healthier, but they’re constantly turning their nose up at what you’re offering. When it comes to getting your kids to try new foods, sometimes it’s all about how you present the food and what you do to encourage these good habits. In today’s post, we will provide you with a few tips that you can use not only to get your child to eat healthier, but also to help them get excited about all these new options.

Whether you’re tired after a long day of work, and the last thing you want to do is make dinner or you’re looking for an easy way to get your child to eat something healthy, Greenspot Salad Company is the way to go! We offer an extensive menu of healthy meals filled with delicious salads, wraps, flatbreads, and more. All of our healthy meals are customizable, and with so many options, your little ones are sure to find something they will like. Explore our menu to see what healthy meals we have available, and place an order online now to get started!

Offer Choices

When it comes to eating healthy foods, parents often make the mistake of only giving their kids one option, which can sometimes feel like they’re being forced into trying something new. Instead of trying again and again to get your child to try the same vegetable, consider giving them choices. You can do this in a few different ways, such as taking them with you to the grocery store and having them select a few healthy things they want to try. You can also set up your own salad station at home and allow your kids to pick out their toppings. Don’t feel like cooking? No problem! Come to Greenspot Salad Company where both you and your kids will be able to pick and choose from our menu or customize your dish to fit your taste buds.

Let Them Make Their Own Plates

In an effort to save time, it often falls on the parents to make up their kids’ plates before sitting down at the table to eat. However, this can easily lead to declarations of, “I don’t like that,” when your child sees what’s in front of them. One easy way you can try to avoid this debacle is by allowing your kids to make their own plates. Leave all the food in the pots and pans, just like you would when you serve yourself, and take your child to each one and ask them how much they want. This allows them to practice their independence while also helping them become more interested in new foods. You may even find that your children are much more interested in trying new foods when they are the ones who decided to put them on their plates.

Don’t Force it

We all know the frustration of making a meal and having our children refuse to eat it. If this happens often enough, you may even reach a point where you say enough is enough and give your child an ultimatum that makes them feel like they’re forced to eat what’s on their plate. Instead, considering offering words of encouragement instead of trying to force your child to try something they’ve decided they don’t like. Another option is to consider making similar foods, but preparing them in different ways until you find a combination that your child enjoys. You may also want to consider trying the method of letting them make their own plate, as choice is key when it comes to getting kids to eat healthier.

Enjoy Healthier Options at Greenspot

Looking for a healthier option when you and the family go out to eat? Greenspot has you covered! Our menu is full of healthy meals, as well as the option to create your own or customize one of our original recipes. We know how difficult it can be to get kids excited about eating healthy, but with our extensive menu, we’re sure to have something they will love. Explore our menu online and visit us in Sorrento Valley, 4S Ranch, or Mission Valley today!

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