Every great party host knows the key to a successful party is food! But when you’re hosting for more than a party of five, the planning can start to get overwhelming. Rather than stressing over portion sizes and plating, you should be enjoying yourself and the company of family and friends! From light hors d’oeuvres to hearty salad bowls, Green Spot Salad Company can help you get one step closer to an effortless party your guests will be sure to remember. Try our tips for hosting a lunch or dinner party, and place your catering order today!

1. Set up All Your Food in One Place

We all know the saying — first, we eat with our eyes. Presentation is everything. Find a simple table cloth to drape over your table, then place all your food bowls, trays, and platters out. Your sides, like roasted potato wedges or baked yams, should be placed towards one end of the table (the side where guests will begin to plate). Soups and soup bowls should be placed on the other end. And lastly, place your main courses in the center, starting with the most colorful platter in the very middle. Think of your main course as the star of your show!

2. Skip the Cooking, Order In!

Hosts already have a million and one items on their plate, including cleaning up, setting up decorations, and arranging seats. 

Now add a sink full of dishes? Forget it. 

Time is money! Save both by ordering in from a local catering service. Ordering from a catering service ensures that your food comes on time and comes warm.

3. Order a Variety of Food

There are a number of catering options out there — choose a restaurant that offers the most variety! Look for menus with healthy options and choices for a variety of diets, in case your guests are vegetarian or vegan. And when in doubt, you can never go wrong with a salad. We recommend ordering at least one classic salad bowl, like a Caesar salad, and one with lots of flavor, like our Ensenada bowl. This salad bowl consists of house greens, tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, red pepper, avocado, and roasted corn! If you can, order meat and dressing on the side!

No forks? No problem. Order a couple platters of healthy wraps. If you know your guests have several different dietary restrictions, then an assorted array of wraps is the way to go.

Pro Tip: separate any foods with nuts and label them in case of allergies!

4. Set Up a Clean-up Station

Though you may be relieved to skip the dishes when you choose to cater your party, cleaning up will still take a while. Set yourself up for success by setting up a trash station to make cleanup easier.

Place a large trash can (and recycling bin) near the exit, so your guests can clean up after themselves. You should also keep out napkins and paper towels at every table for easy access. For an even easier clean-up step, we recommend using disposable table cloths.

Most importantly, do your part and support environmentally-responsible catering restaurants. You should feel good about your party from start to finish. At Greenspot Salad Company, all the service items we provide are reusable, recyclable, compostable, and short-cycle landfill biodegradable.

Hosting a lunch or dinner party soon? We’d love to help! Place your catering order for Greenspot Salad Company online today for delicious, premium quality food.