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Holiday Catering For Your Parties and Events

If you’ve kept up with our blog you know we have your back when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.  More… if you’ve been in one of our restaurants you know first hand how fresh, fun and exciting our food is!  We’re not just your typical fresh salad bar.  We’ve got all kinds of great things on the menu.  

Not into salads? We got flat breads, Wedges, Wraps, Bowls, there’s even a Kids menu the kiddos really like!  Now that you have an idea of what’s instore… we want you to know the restaurant can come to you.

No kidding… if you’ve got a holiday party coming up, we want to help take the cooking responsibility off your plate by catering your event.  Are you or your company planning anything that might require Hors D’Oeurves, desserts or dare I say… Bowls? 

Check out this tasty pic…

Greenspot catering, table set with plates of foodIf you do decide you’re going to take on the holiday cooking challenge on your own, here’s a recipe we think you’ll like…

Thanksgiving Catering Recipes

Ok.. you don’t need to know anything about the recipes because we’re making all the food for you!  Lots of people struggle with remembering, or relearning every year what they need to do to have the perfect 23 course Thanksgiving dinner.  Please don’t stress out about it this year.

With all the time you save not cooking here’s some healthy ideas you could do instead…






Walk your neighborhood to enjoy the gardens!

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.