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While times and attitudes have changed and shifted in relation to how the general public views salads, when many people think of salads, they still think of weak lettuce, bland carrots, a few tomatoes and a less than flavorful dressing. The salads you once knew are a thing of the past, and at Greenspot Salad Company, we aim to provide our customers with salads that are loaded with tons of different delicious ingredients, turning the once deemed side course into a full-fledged meal. In this blog post, we’ll look at a few examples of ingredients we offer here at Greenspot that will give your salad more depth and flavor.

Delicious Proteins

There was a time when salads were made up of no more than a few simple vegetables, some shredded cheese and dressing. At Greenspot Salad Company, we offer our customers a variety of delicious protein options to add a new depth of flavor and texture to an already hearty foundation of fresh and flavorful vegetables. Whether you’re looking for something rich like our grass-fed flank steak, something more light like our seared Ahi tuna, or something classic like our grilled citrus chicken, Greenspot Salad Company offers a variety of different protein options for our customers. Vegetarians fear not, though, as we offer a tasty sweet chili roasted organic tofu for all of our plant-based customers out there!

Dressings Galore

The “rabbit food” idea of salad is based on simple and bland salads that come from bags at your local grocery store. Beyond that, many people think that salad dressing is simply the only basis of flavor, added to a salad to make it palatable. What these people don’t realize is that salad dressing isn’t meant to be the only source of flavor; rather, it is meant to enhance or tie together the flavors of all its ingredients. At Greenspot Salad Company, all of our salad dressings contain no high fructose corn syrup and no ingredients that we can’t pronounce. What this results in are a variety of tasty and high-quality dressings that can take your already delicious salad to the next level. Looking for something sweet and zesty? Try our Cilantro Citrus dressing to give your salad a refreshing kick. Want some spice? Try our tasty Cajun Remoulade. Looking for a solid take on an old classic? Try our delicious Buttermilk Ranch dressing.

Visit A San Diego Salad Bar

Whether you’re looking to add some protein to your salad for extra depth, or tie together the variety of flavors with our extensive line of salad dressings, Greenspot Salad Company offers our customers with many different options to help add depth and variety to your salad. Greenspot Salad Company aims to be your number one salad bar in San Diego, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the best salads, bowls, wraps and more in town. To learn more about our San Diego salad bar, visit Greenspot Salad Company today!