Summer is a busy time for everyone here in San Diego, and Greenspot Salad aims to make it easier for you by providing you with top quality catering services. That’s right—your favorite San Diego salad bar can cater our salads, wraps and more for your next event! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at a few summer events that can be made even better by hiring Greenspot Salad Company as your San Diego catering service of choice.

Graduation Parties

Summer is a time of many events and parties being held, though one of the most popular summer events has to be the graduation party. Kids are graduating from high school, college and graduate school, and parents are always looking for a reason to celebrate their children’s achievements. While some people choose to have their graduation parties in the earlier part of the summer, many plan them later on as well.

With summer being a time for great weather, there’s no reason to be cooped up indoors with the sun shining outside. While some may choose to grill out or hire a typical catering service, you can try something new and exciting by having Greenspot Salad Company to cater your graduation party. We offer a variety of delicious salads, wraps and sides to help you keep your guests satisfied, without having to settle for less-than-stellar catering. Using only the freshest ingredients available and offering an array of choices, our mouth watering salads, soups and wraps will satisfy even the most refined of palates. When your guests and children look back on your graduation party, they’ll likely remember a variety of things about it, including the awesome catering from Greenspot.

Back to School Events

Though it may still be a bit away, come the end of August, students will be headed back to school to begin a new school year. For incoming high school and college freshman, schools host a variety of different events to help them get acclimated to their new environment. In times like these, you could settle for a sub par spread of cold cuts and other boring foods, but you want to make a good impression on your new students and help them feel more comfortable. WIth this in mind, you can very easily impress your new students with catering from Greenspot Salad Company. More and more kids are thinking about their health and trying to eat better, and by offering healthy salads, wraps and other options for your guests, you’ll be providing them with food that they’ll actually enjoy.

Summer Weddings

Just as popular as summer graduation parties are summer weddings. When it comes to wedding catering, the food is just as important as the music, the decor and the location that you choose to host your wedding reception. As we mentioned earlier, people are far more health conscious now than ever. Trying to accomodate the dietary needs and restrictions of ever guest can be a challenge, but Greenspot Salad Company offers a fast selection of salads, wraps, bowls and other items that are sure to please everyone from the die-hard meat fanatic to the health-conscious vegetarian. When the big day finally arrives, both you and your guests will be thrilled about the delicious catered salads and wraps that you decided on.

Your Neighborhood San Diego Salad Bar

Greenspot Salad Company aims to be your go to Salad Bar of choice in San Diego, offering you high quality salad bar catering services for a variety of events. Whether you’re looking to cater a small private party or your large-scale wedding, Greenspot Salad Company is here to provide you with the San Diego catering services that you need. To learn more about our San Diego salad bar or to get in touch with us for all of your San Diego catering needs, contact us today!