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Good Nutrition to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

Learn How You Benefit From Natural Food

Healthy, Whole Foods Can Be Delicious!

If hearing about healthy food makes you think of the vegetables that your mom made you eat when you were little, then we have a surprise for you! Healthy foods can be some of the most delicious things you’ve ever tasted, and at Greenspot Salad Company, we can’t wait for you to try real food! Visit us at one of our two locations in San Diego to see how good vegetables can be.

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Greenspot Salad Company is on a mission to provide the best food for each of our customers. We value the ability to provide fresh and wholesome meals by controlling both what goes into our food and what doesn’t.

    Dressings made in-house

    We make the soups we serve

    All of our food is roasted and marinated by us

    All foods are purchased strictly whole and unprocessed

    Food is sourced locally when possible and organically when reasonable

    Antibiotic free

    Free from added hormones

    No ingredients we can’t pronounce


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